source: This web site time: 2022-03-30

ATuMan Tools, which set sail in July 2016, is a hardware tool brand manufacturer focusing on the research and development of innovative technology electronic products, integrating aesthetic design, youth and fashion, and high cost performance. Since its establishment, it has been committed to improving the overall image of domestic tools that are low-end, rough, and lacking in design aesthetics. Through independent research and development, innovative design, detail improvement, independent production and other high implementation standards, it provides global customers with high-quality and cost-effective tools. Products to meet the different consumer needs of people from all walks of life.

DUKA and ATuMan are the sub-brands of ATuMan Tools , of which DUKA is the brand of intelligent measuring tools of ATuMan Tools , focusing on the research of high-tech and easy-to-operate high-value tool products; ATuMan is the manual and electric tools of ATuMan Tools . Tool brand, focusing on excellent design, high quality and innovative traditional tool products.

ATuMan Tools has a R&D and production base of 10,000 square meters in Henan, with modern standard workshops, many professional production lines and development, production and testing equipment. There are a total of 80 machines in the factory, 6 assembly lines, and 150+ workers in the production and assembly workshops. They not only produce their own products, but also OEM products for big brands such as Lao A, Bosch, IFIXIT, etc. The products have passed a number of quality management system certifications and A number of international standard certifications, with a number of patented technologies, the products are exported to European and American countries through Aoji,, Youkeshu, Banggu, etc., and are exported overseas.

ATuMan Tools is known for its professional standards, precision workmanship and customer focus. It always insists on surpassing itself, adhering to the innovative development concept, and provides every customer with quality product!